LIVE Online Business Workshop
with Ka Sundance

28 & 29 March 2020 via Zoom
How you can crack the (multiple) 6-figure income through a better mindset and your own group coaching program as a coach, trainer or expert
(even if you don't like marketing at all!)

 💕 Dear tribe members, mums & dads
and mission-driven people changing the world 💕


After more than 10 years of working  as a business mentor with my clients around the world, it's time for something new!

I have held hundreds of webinars, training calls, online workshops and virtual mastermind sessions, and have helped entrepreneurs on all continents to multiply their reach and success as healers and entrepreneurs, the last years mainly in the German speaking countries

But because I love working with people so much and I am so good at it, I finally decided to host a live workshop where we not only get together for a few hours, but work together for 2 full days.

This gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in a collaborative, supportive group energy of like-minded people. Plus: You will receive mindset hacks and tested strategies to multiply your heart-centered business

You want to keep growing and go to the next level as a human, but also as a business owner.
And all of a sudden there are completely new problems for you:

🌻 You work too much and help too little. You finally have to build better systems and structures in your business that support you and help you growing
🌻 You need new strategies to make your knowledge as a master, as healer available to the world.
🌻 At the same time, you don't want to work more, but less.
🌻 And one of the biggest problems to get out of survival-mode is your mindset, your attitude.

How does it work energetically to suddenly make more money than you actually need to live?
Are you allowed to do that?
What do the family and friends say about it when you suddenly become a rich “big business owner” ?
Do you have to work more then?
What if your company suddenly grows over your head and you have "too many" customers?

And now I come into play!
I will show you during the workshop from 28th to 29th of March

🌻 How you only work half as much but earn double
🌻 How you will immediately win the next 5-10 clients for your program (even if you do not currently have a very large Facebook group or email list)
🌻 How to build your scalable sales funnel to automatically win as many of your dream clients as you want every month in the future

🌻 How to build your business so that you also regularly earn 10,000-40,000 euros per month while playing with your children on the tropical beach.
🌻 How to finally overcome your money blocks
🌻 How to get the millionaires mindset

💕 💕 💕

Here is what you'll learn
March 25th. -27. March:

1. Help more people
We don't even need to talk about this one. If you are one of our peeps from our DoWhatYouLove-Tribe, then you know what I mean. You are an expert, a healer and want to help as much people as possible. Definitely more than you are helping now!

2. More Free-Time 
Even with all heart-centered love for helping other: You have children, or do want some. You also like to have time for yourself, to travel or take a yoga teacher course. Short:
You want more freedom & free time for yourself and your family.

 3. Earn more
You already understand the money-game and you are already doing well financially. But we show you how you can receive 5,000-10,000USD for your coaching-packages and finally earn at least 10,000-40,000USD per month with our teachings. Easy. 
4. Charge less 
Because you want to help your people/clients so much, you may think you have to offer your services, for less, to bring your people more healing and reduce suffering in the world. We teach you how this is possible, while earning more.

For whom is this workshop?
Moms and Dads changing the world
This is for you ONLY if you can see yourself here:

You are dedicated to see your business growing and you are ready to change and implement new strategies


You want to make a big leap in your entrepreneurial mindset and once and for all leave limiting beliefs that prevent you from building the business of your dreams

Mehr ideale Kunden
You would like to learn how you can attract more of your ideal customers than you could ever serve

You would like to automate your marketing and win many more prospects in the future without having to work more for it


You would like to spread your message around the world and reach and help even more people, while being embedded in a community of likeminded people.

You want to promote your business in an honest and authentic way, not using pushy, fear-based methods
What you learn during the workshop
Work less, help and earn more.

Learn the exact strategies and methods you need to take your biz to the next level in a targeted and efficient way.

Learn the exact steps from me. I have extensive experience o all continents in building highly profitable online companies without spending a lot of time. In the end, you don't want growth at the expense of your family or leisure.

It's easy if you follow the right strategy!
Through my coaching, companies worldwide - and even completely new industries - have grown which convert tens of millions of dollars!


Have you ever felt the amazing power of a group of like-minded people who come together, all pulling together with a clear goal in mind?

There is nothing more powerful, transforming, than the interaction of individual souls, who come together in a safe setting to meet in an honest way, grow, heal and tap into abundance.

I have been leading such mastermind groups for many years and  can't wait to meet with you and the others who are the best in their field, so we can all come together and expand beyond imagination.


Have you ever wished for an alternative business coach and a group of successful alternative entrepreneurs to expand and learn the right mindset? This way you can finally successfully model new strategies for growing your business, have reliable support in the implementation and expand your mindset to see your company grow quickly and easily.
No longer being stuck alone, unable to recognize your own blind spots. Use the versatile power of a real group of energetic, ambitious, but heart-centered masters and entrepreneurs, who are all inspired by growth and expansion and have a positive mindset.

That means in detail:

1. Strategy:

During this 2-day event, you will create your personal business strategy for your individual growth:

🌻 More clients
How you will immediately win the next 5-10 clients for your program (even if you do not currently have a very large Facebook group or email list)
🌻 Sales funnel
How to build your sales funnel so that much more of your dream clients will find you automatically. Quick and easy.
🌻 Systems, structures and team
Less work due to systematization and team. We'll show you how to build your business in such a way that you also earn really good money while playing with your children on the tropical beach. Learn to use systems and build your own (dream) team.
We show you how to create and sell high-priced group coaching programs successfully.
Finally get out of the exhausting 1:1 time-for-money trap, which is totally limiting you in your transformational power as a master in your field. You will learn from me how to convert your 1: 1 work as a coach into a group coaching program and successfully sell it for 5000-50,000 USD
🌻 I'll show you how Katie and I managed to start a million dollar business from scratch

2. Community

Since this company was founded by Katie and me 10 years ago, I have been working with a wide variety of coaches, healers, therapists and specialists in order to help them heal, grow and also to continuously improve. The most powerful and fastest way of growth for me is masterminding. We come together as a group of like-minded people who are in a very similar place in their lives, who have the same goals and work with the same materials to achieve them. We come together under my leadership to learn and grow together.
Plus: It is so good to be together and no longer feel so alone as a master of your field and a heart-centered entrepreneur who goes from survival mode in which almost all other people are stuck to the state of wonderful, natural abundance.

🌻 Be who you are, step in your full power with the help of  the community
It is amazing how easy it is to connect to your true power at once, when you are in the right environment, supported and therefor allowed to grow in a safe environment. Conversely, it is almost scary how much we can all be negatively influenced by the thinker and doubter in ourselves, who is mirrored by our family or friend environment, which mostly has no understanding of what we as heart-centered entrepreneurs actually trying to create. Therefore come together with people who create something BIG like you. They will understand, support and push you to dream and achieve bigger and bigger, even if you think you are not good enough. I mean: I don't even speak or write proper English, and I still succeeded. I show you how!
🌻 Peer accountability
The successful ones are never the ones who know the most, They are always the ones who can prioritize and implement the fastest! They are the ones who just tumble forward. Do more on these 2 days than you can usually do in months!

3. Mindset

The reasons for the great success Katie and I are allowed to celebrate as an entrepreneurs are not due to our wonderful web design, the positioning, our products, the marketing strategies or luck.
No, the main reason for our success (coming from social benfits) is the right attitude, the right mindset. And this mindset that we have been working on since 1997 when we met the first time, celebrates success as a completely logical consequence. I experience success as I experience the sun after the rain. It's natural. And now I pass the ability to connect to source, to live my deepest purpose in life while receiving abundance on to you during the weekend!

🌻 Which beliefs hold you back? What is stopping you to have the business (and life) of your dreams. Learn how to lovingly transform these beliefs and leave them behind forever
🌻 How to build a business where you only work as much as you like and still achieve all of your goals
🌻 Learn to let go of the poverty-glorifying healer energy that keeps you trapped in lack of energy., time and money Connect with the true inestimable value of your actual (healing) power to finally be able to get paid from your clients what you are worth.

Michael Born &
Rosa Grafe

So much has changed for the better since we started working with Ka: The investment paid off many, many  times.
First launch: 50.000 Euro! We were able to increase our business sixfold and since then we have 40x more participants in our workshops. We were able to optimize the work processes, technical things are easy.

Lara &
Oli Horlacher

When we started working with Ka Sundance, we had nothing. No Business, and no clue.

Our marriage was on the brink of separation, and our kids were unhappy. And now we help thousands of people and earn mutiple six-figures each year helping others with our business through the internet.
Thanks so much Ka for everything!


If you're looking for ideas on how to expand your business and make more money, Ka can really help you.
He showed us the right direction and had a plan.

Thank you Ka for making the work with you so efficient by being radically honest and telling us what we urgently needed to hear!

Tera Warner

As much as I love my life and am thrilled by what I do, it’s great to have someone who’s willing to help you raise the bar a bit.

Talking with Ka was like tapping into an electrical socket of inspiration.

I told him during the call what an inspiration he was and he had the best response ever!

Working with Ka changed my life. I was able to make about $15,000 in sales with one event only. On top of that, I built a list of 3,500 engaged subscribers who are happily spreading my message. Now I can live my life the way I want to doing what I love, living as an expat in a tropical country, with my family.
Yukari Dulan,

Some of my business mentors
Vishen Lakani, Founder und CEO of Mindvalley, und Gründer des Awesomenessfests. Amazing guy und Visionär mit einer hohen 8-stelligen Firma rund um Persönlichkeitsentwicklung. AWESOME!
Frank Kern, oder auch Mr. Internet wie er genannt wird. Einer der erfolgreichsten Internet Marketer aller Zeiten! Ich hatte ein Mastermind mit ihm 2016 in San Diego

John Assaraf, Spiritual Entrepreneur, Philanthropist und Lehrer mit einer Leidenschaft für Gehirnforschung und Quantum Physics. Star aus "The Secret"
I love this guy!

Lisa Nichols ist ein Motivationssprecher welche Millionen inspiriert hat. Sie ist die Gründerin der Motivating the Masses Bewegung.
Eine der besten Rednerinnen der Welt, finde ich!

The workshop starts in
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One time payment
199 EUR
  • - Full access to both days of the workshop (28th&29th March)
    - Recording of the workshop
    - Protected facebook group for participants of the workshop
    60 day Warranty - money back guarantee
3-month payment
3x 89 EUR
  • - Full access to both days of the workshop (28th&29th March)
    - Recording of the workshop
    - Protected facebook group for participants of the workshop
    -60 day Warranty - money back guarantee

FAQ / Schedule:

1. Before the workshop:
After buying your ticket here on this page, you will receive an email from us with the access data to the workshop and the protected Facebook group. This way, we can all connect even before we get together for the workshop.

2. How many participants?
Because I am doing this workshop for the first time in English and internationally, I will limit the group to 20 people. This way we can keep everything very private and personal.

4. Schedule:
The workshop will take place during 2 full days.
We start at 9 a.m. EST (New York time) and end around 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. EST. Lunch break about 1.5 hours
I know, it is early for people on the west coast of the USA and very late for all European tribe members. For our friends in Australia it will be a long night! We have to find compromises here to take everyone into account..

 5. Day passes: Because the group is so small, we will not allow day passes. We would like to form a group and go through the weekend together. If new members are constantly coming in and out during the workshop, this creates unrest in the group.
Please come for both days or enjoy the recording.

Are you in?
Come on!  Give yourself a little push here, if you are in resonance.
How quickly will you really achieve your big business goals alone, crack the 6-digit earnings and continue to grow from there? How well will you get on if you keep messing around on your own or doing a pure business and marketing program without a soul?
Here you have the unique opportunity to meet like-minded, alternative, spiritual, successful, family-oriented masters in their field and great visionaries who are already very successful and want to grow! 

I'm really looking forward to this group. We will be reaching for the stars with this group of absolute super rock stars healing the world. Together we are strong!
See you in some days!

☀️ Ka Sundance ☀️

The workshop starts in
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One time payment
99 EUR
  • - Full access to both days of the workshop (28th&29th March)
    - Recording of the workshop
    - Protected facebook group for participants of the workshop

3-month payment
3x 89 EUR
  • - Full access to both days of the workshop (28th&29th March)
    - Recording of the workshop
    - Protected facebook group for participants of the workshop

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